What Is Google Gmail

Make your life easier with your Gmail account. Create a gmail account immediately and start using your own e-mail service with many advantageous ways to use it.

When was Gmail set up?

With this email service, which was launched by google engineers on February 7, 2007, it is now very easy to communicate! For users who have been suffering from problems with their systems for years, our services are provided completely free of charge so that they can get free service with a free e-mail service.

What is the purpose of Gmail?

This mail service, which was established to help Google users and users who prefer email messaging around the world, has soon become the most preferred email service in the world!

How to create Gmail account?

By logging into the official website, clicking on the create new gmail Account button will allow you to benefit from a new email service with gmail difference.

Is texting over Gmail charged?

Certainly, no!

This mail service, which was established in 2007 to allow you to send free e-mail, offers its users messaging services completely free of charge.

What are the conveniences Gmail has offered us?

Gmail is a google service, which is provided completely for free to make the lives of its users easier, and comes to the fore with a free, reliable email service that you can use when you need to send email. You can use our services for free by creating a gmail for yourself.